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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Recipe for Muscle Growth

Hard Gainers Growth Recipe

If you want to break a plateau and make some sizeable gains this supplement regimen is for you.  This recipe for results includes effective supplements for the most important parts of the day.  It matters when you take your supplements so this regimen keeps your body anabolic when it matters most.

Breakfast of Champions:
Forget about Wheaties, if you want to be big and strong take the following before your breakfast.

2 Test Rev in the morning with a serving of BCAA and 1/2 scoop Diesel Fuel

Intensity Matters:
You need to have the energy and work capacity to stress the muscle properly during your workout.

Pre-workout take 2-3 scoops of Juice with 5 caps of Beta Revolution

Recovery = Results:
Give you body the raw material to grow or you are wasting your time in the gym.

Post Workout Mix Vanilla Intek Evolution with 1/2 scoop of Diesel Fuel

Vitamin “T” for maximum Muscle:
Higher hormone levels fuels greater gains in strength and muscle.  This combo will naturally optimize hormone levels.  It is effective yet safe.

Before Bed take 2 Test Rev with 4-6 caps of Labrada Humano Growth

This combination is potent and will help anyone make some quick gains.  In fact if you can’t make gains on this you might as well quit working out!!  We are so confident in this regimen that we’ll take 10% off the price if you mention this blog when purchasing the entire combination of products mentioned above.

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Blender Bottle Review

Blender bottle is the brand name for a shaker cup with a unique mixing ball design.  It comes in a 20oz size and a larger size which holds 28oz.  The Blender Bottle uses a more rigid plastic than some other shaker cup designs.  We have found that this makes the cup more durable and allows it to be dish washed without the cup warping.  With many shaker cups you cannot dish wash them because the plastic will warp.  When this happen the cup does not seal properly and it will leak when shaken.


The Blender Bottle also includes a small metal whisk/mixing ball in the bottom of the cup.  The mixing ball helps the cup more thoroughly mix up protein and other thick powders.


Overall we find this cup to be very useful and durable.  If you are mixing protein, or other powders this cup is definitely helpful.

What is the best protein?

Which Protein Should You be Using?

Muscle growth is dependent on the balance between protein synthesis and protein breakdown. The goal is to increase protein synthesis and decrease protein breakdown. Casein protein is considered to be a muscle-sparing protein. Since casein protein slowly enters the blood stream, it has a moderate impact on protein synthesis, but it has a powerful effect on reducing protein breakdown.


Current research has shown that in terms of overall muscle tissue increases and decreases of body fat, casein reigns superior. It’s been shown to accomplish this by increasing anabolism to a moderate extent, but more importantly, decreasing catabolism to a large degree. It seems that the reason behind this is simply because of its slow digestion and consequently, absorption rates. It provides a steady, slower paced release of amino acids into the blood stream.


We all know that we need to take whey protein after workouts–but that doesn’t mean that whey can’t be better. Slow-digesting casein protein was once believed to have no place around workout time, but newer research suggests otherwise. In fact, a study from Baylor University (Waco, Texas) reported that men who consumed a whey/casein blend of protein after workouts for 10 weeks gained significantly more muscle than the subjects who consumed a whey protein shake without casein.  These subjects also lost more fat than the ones using only whey.


Current research is showing that the optimal protein for fat loss and muscle building is a mixture of whey and casein protein.  Try Intek Evolution Protein or Optimum Health Pro Complete 40 for the ideal blend of whey and casein proteins.


Time to get back to the basics.  In order to build strength and muscle one must first understand what weightlifting is actually doing to the body to produce growth.  With this knowledge making the right choice in supplementation is easy.  When we lift weights and push ourselves pass our limits we are actually inducing microscopic tears in the muscle fiber.  That’s why after a good work out we are sore.  The human body evolved in such a way that we adapt to caused trauma (microscopic muscle tears, broken bones, etc.) by recovering the affected area stronger than its original state.  This is called progressive overload when having to do with weightlifting and muscle growth.  The idea is that the harder we train, the more trauma we cause to the muscle fiber, the bigger and stronger the muscle will grow.  This is where supplementation can come in handy.  Certain supplements allow us to train harder and longer and ultimately cause more trauma to the muscle fiber which translates to greater muscle growth.  Creatines are great for this.  ANS Diesel Fuel is a customer favorite.  MSI CXS Revolution is also excellent for those trying to keep water retention to a minimum.  Pre-workout powders are also another good choice for increasing workout overload.  BioRhythm’s SSIN Juice is one of the craziest pre-workout powders I’ve ever tried.  Another aspect of muscle growth is recovery from those intense training sessions.  If the muscle is not completely recovered by the time you work it out again it will not grow and performance will be diminished.  The faster you recover the sooner you can get back in the gym to stimulate more muscle growth.  Supplements that promote a faster, fuller recovery include but are not limited to protein, glutamine and BCAAs.  Intek makes an excellent protein and BCAA powder.  BioRhythm makes a product called AfterGlow to be consumed right after a workout; this is the best stuff Performance Nutrition sells for recovery.  Stress the muscle, recover the muscle and rule the gym!

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