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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Keep Calcium in Your Bones with Magnesium

Just about everyone is aware that calcium is necessary for healthy bones.  However what you may not be aware of is that magnesium is even more important for bone health.  Most of us get an adequate amount of calcium in our diets and multivitamin the problem is that calcium will not stay in the bones without magnesium.  Magnesium not only strengthens bones but it can improve mood and help with relaxation.

Supplements for Growth Hormone

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Growth hormone is looked at by many as the fountain of youth. It has been said that growth hormone can decrease body fat, increase muscle, reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. While some of this is based in truth like most other claims there is also quite a bit of exaggeration. Actual growth hormone cannot be purchased over the counter and is accessible only by prescription from a physician. Many supplement companies have claimed to have products which mimic growth hormone but few products produce actual results for their users. One new product which looks promising is Pro-GH produced by NOW Foods under the NOW Sports label. This product was formulated by a physician and is undergoing clinical studies to validate its efficacy.Reports from individual who have tried it are promising. There are two ways to take the product. The first is before a workout to enhance strength, muscular endurance and hormone output. The second is at night before bed to promote hormone release during sleep. Users have reported feeling more energy, increases in strength, increases in endurance, greater sex drive, and fat loss.

This product can be used by both men and women as growth hormone is not gender specific.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep

NOW Foods Tryptophan

Sleep is key for maintaining health and well being. The proper amount of sleep and you will feel better, maintain a healthier weight and have fewer health problems. Too much or to little sleep and your health can take a turn for the worse. Sleep problems are linked to obesity, heart disease, certain cancers, low energy levels, and depression. Most people should try to get between 7-8 hours of sleep per night but this may vary depending on the individual. The two major sleep issues for most people are falling asleep and staying asleep. If you have either of these issues there are a few natural products which can help you get a better nights rest. To help fall asleep try taking the amino acid L-Tryptophan about forty minutes to one hour before going to bed. This amino acid relaxes the body and brain and at the right dose can allow you to fall asleep easier. To maintain sleep throughout the night try using GABA this stands for Gamma Amino butyric Acid. This product helps you reach a state of deep restful sleep called REM sleep which will help keep you from waking during the night.

The Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can lead to health problems and even contribute to a heart attack.  Blood pressure can be controlled by diet but if diet alone cannot bring blood pressure back to normal levels there are several natural products which can help.  Hawthorn Berry extracts and Garlic can help the body correct high blood pressure levels and help maintain it at a normal level.  To be effective they must be taken every day and look for a Hawthorn Berry Extract that is standardized to ensure you are getting enough of the active ingredients.

Citrulline Malate Increases Nitric Oxide and Muscle Performance

Nitric oxide products are hot right now and you will see a large number of products containing argnine or some version of it.  Argnine converts to nitric oxide in the body which increases blood flow, muscle pumps and can enhance erectile function.

If you are truly looking for increased strength and performance you should also take a look at Citrulline Malate.  Citrulline Malate also converts to nitric oxide and has been shown to help the body clear lactic acid from the muscles.  Citrulline has been shown in studies to improve strength and muscular endurance.  In fact in terms of performance and strength Citrulline Malate has been shown to be more productive than argnine.


New Research Revealed: Results through Recovery

Research on post-workout nutrition has revealed the perfect meal that will replenish energy, eliminate fatigue, support muscle retention (and growth if you are heavy resistance training) and reduce fat storages.

The researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch performed several detailed studies, examining six separate meals after workouts.  The meals ranged from high protein-low carb, high carb-low fat, high carb-low protein, high protein-low fat, and everything in between.  The researchers measured several indicators of recovery.  To the surprise of many, the very best (by far) meal was found to have 30-40 grams of carbohydrate (75% sugar), 20 grams of high quality protein, and zero fats!  Fat grams were found to slow the absorption of this time sensitive meal.  High amounts of protein were excreted in the urine.  The carbohydrates were preferred by the body for glycogen replacement and insulin response.

So why is this important?  The study showed a substantial improvement in strength, lean muscle mass, fat reduction and overall energy levels in the group using the meal listed above.  In short, they changed their body faster and to a greater extent than everyone else.

How can you test this?  Biorhythm’s AfterGlow (Post Workout Euphoria) adopted this exact meal plus additional amino’s, vitamins and cortisol suppressants to make the perfect post-workout meal.

The Non Stimulant Fat Fighter – 7 oxo DHEA

In the battle against fat 7-oxo or 7-keto DHEA carries a lot of weight. Double blind placebo controlled studies have shown this ingredient to increase resting metabolic rate by as much as 5.4%. 7-oxo DHEA also works to stop reductions in metabolic rate when calories are restricted during dieting. 7-oxo DHEA achieves thermogenisis not by acting as a stimulant but by increasing the activity of fat burning enzymes. Weight lost while using 7-oxo DHEA tends to be fat as this ingredient has been shown to spare muscle tissue.

7-oxo DHEA can be found in Ultra Lean FX and Synthrolean.

Boost Metabolism with Fucoxanthin

Scientific studies suggest fucoxanthin has strong thermogenic properties, with implications for weight reduction.  Fucoxanthin increases expression of UCP1 in white adipose tissue (WAT). WAT is the type of fat predominantly found around the belly of adults. Uncoupling proteins (UCPs) are mitochondrial transporters present in cell’s inner membranes. Fucoxanthin up-regulates the expression of UCP1 in WAT, increasing heat (thermogenesis), thereby contributing to reduced WAT weight. This stimulated oxidation reduces fat in mammals. Study participants experience a metabolic rate 18.2% higher than with diet alone. This is the first observation of thermogenic effect through UCP1 expression in WAT from a carotenoid.

Preliminary results from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial of Fucoxanthin in 140 overweight female subjects after 16 weeks showed significant reduction in visceral fat and body weight. Study participants lost an average of 14.5 pounds of body weight — 11.5 pounds more than the placebo group. Body fat loss was 11.8 pounds in the fucoxanthin group, compared to just 2.8 pounds in the placebo group.

Fucoxanthin can be found in Ultra Lean FX

Beta Alanine Part II – Making Creatine more Effective

Click above for more info on Beta Alanine

Click above for more info on Beta Alanine

As the research rolls in the case for beta alanine as a performance enhancer gets better and better. Read the excerpt below from a recent study conducted on beta alanine.

Researches assembled a highly trained group of 33 college football players and split them into three groups: a creatine group that took 5g twice daily; a creatine and beta-alanine group that took the same amount of creatine but with 1.6g of beta-alanine twice daily; and a placebo group, who took nothing.

Prior to and following the 10-week study, the researchers measured the athletes’ body composition, body weight, one-repetition maximum in the bench press and squat, and had them keep a log of their dietary intake.

All were placed on a weight training program that included all the usual suspects: bench press, squat, dead lift, power clean, incline press and fly, row, etc.

Here’s what they found:

• When you combine creatine and beta-alanine, your training volume goes up and you get stronger. The athletes were able to knock out more reps with the same weights, and although this was the case with the other groups, it happened to a greater and more significant extent in the creatine plus beta-alanine group.

• One-rep max, the strength measure, climbed significantly higher in both the supplemented groups. In the bench press, the athletes taking only creatine increased their one-rep max by an average of over 30 pounds while the creatine plus beta-alanine group saw it rise by roughly 25 pounds. The placebo group experienced an insignificant 12 pound bump.

• Increases in one-rep squat max were similar. Both supplemented groups experienced significant gains: roughly 50 pounds for the creatine plus beta-alanine group and just under 50 pounds for the creatine group. For comparison, the placebo group pushed up their max a meager 10 pounds.

The most impressive results of beta-alanine, at least in this study, were its effects on lean mass gains and fat loss, effects not seen in either of the two other groups.

Only in the creatine plus beta-alanine group did the investigators record a significant increase in muscle mass, with percentage of fat dropping roughly 1.2%. This adds promise to a supplement that, until this study, could only be viewed as a performance enhancer. Fat loss is also a benefit you don’t get from creatine alone.

Fats that Burn Fat

BioRhythm Olio

Fats that Burn Fat??  This may sound like a contradiction but the research on CLA and other healthy fats is clear.  Healthy fats can promote the body’s use of fat as fuel, changing the body’s fuel source from carbohydrates and protein, allowing it to tap into fats as a source of energy.  These fats promote two actions within the body.  The first is the breakdown of fatty acids allowing them to get into the blood stream to be used as fuel.  The second is to keep excess calories from being stored as body fat.

One of our favorite products is Olio.  This product combines CLA, Olive, Flax, and Fish Oil.  This blend of healthy fats not only promotes weight loss but is good for you as well.  If you haven’t seen all the press on omega 3 (fish, flax oil) fats you will soon.  These fats promote heart health buy keeping cholesterol levels low, and reducing inflammation.

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